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What to expect


A new format and a higher standard. Our new make up training program is not only unique within the
Netherlands, but it is a unique experience as well! At Dutch Beauty Academy, beauty education is
raised to a higher level. Our lessons are very informative and practical for students, but at the same
time also a true unique experience!
By using a large digital touchscreen whiteboard we take you on a thematic journey through time,
culture and important beauty hotspots. A journey through different looks, different techniques and
different times. A journey through time and Make up. This make up training program can be followed by
anyone who wants to develop their skills in the field of make up. But also by everyone who works in
the make up & beauty sector or wants to do so in the future.



During the class, the latest make-up techniques are discussed and treated in addition to the basic principles. Dutch Beauty Academy has a versatile and complete makeup training. You learn among other things: Preparing, Hygiene, Cleaning the skin and eyes, Analyzing, Product knowledge, All Basic techniques of make-up, Meaning of colors, Make-up history, Smokey eyes, Glamour make-up, Dark skin make-up, Bridal make-up, Arabic make-up, Fashion (Catwalk) make-up, Trend make-up, Corrections of different eye shapes and face shapes and Basics of hairstyling and more.

But of course you will also get Contouring / Shaping (given by a teacher who has followed the contouring masterclass with Kim Kardashian), Highlighting, Strobing, Ombre Lips and many other techniques needed to become a versatile, well educated and professional Make-up Artist. Of course, it is also possible to start as a freelancer with your own business after following this course. Moreover, because of our good cooperation with MAC Cosmetics, our students also get the unique opportunity to take 2 classes at MAC Cosmetics during and after the program. At the end of the training the exam is taken at school and then a photo shoot is held.

A practice exam, final exam and a resit are included in the training costs.


The course will take 15 lessons (including 1 exam day with professional photo shoot and 2 lessons with MAC Cosmetics). The dates for the classes at MAC Cosmetics will be announced. A school day at Dutch Beauty Academy lasts from 10:30 am to 15:30 pm. In addition to the regular lessons you have to take into account some homework (practicing looks at home). This will be an average of 4 hours per week. We start in three different groups, a Friday group, a Saturday group and a Sunday group. View the available start dates below.

Friday group: Starts on Friday 4th September 2020.
See the lesson dates below: *
Lesson 1 – 04-09-’20
Lesson 2 – 18-09-’20
Lesson 3 – 25-09-’20
Lesson 4 – 09-10-’20
Lesson 5 – 23-10-’20
Lesson 6 – 13-11-’20
Lesson 7 – 27-11-’20
Lesson 8 – 04-12-’20
Lesson 9 – 11-12-’20
Lesson 10 – 18-12-’20
Lesson 11 – 08-01-’21
Lesson 12 – 22-01-’21
Lesson 13 – 29-01-’21 (Exam)
*Subject to changes

Saturday group: Starts on Saturday 5th September 2020.
See the lesson dates below: *
Lesson 1 – 05-09-’20
Lesson 2 – 19-09-’20
Lesson 3 – 26-09-’20
Lesson 4 – 10-10-’20
Lesson 5 – 24-10-’20
Lesson 6 – 14-11-’20
Lesson 7 – 28-11-’20
Lesson 8 – 05-12-’20
Lesson 9 – 12-12-’20
Lesson 10 – 19-12-’20
Lesson 11 – 09-01-’21
Lesson 12 – 23-01-’21
Lesson 13 – 30-01-’21 (Exam)
*Subject to changes

Sunday group: Starts on Sunday 6th September 2020.
See the lesson dates below: *
Lesson 1 – 06-09-’20
Lesson 2 – 20-09-’20
Lesson 3 – 27-09-’20
Lesson 4 – 11-10-’20
Lesson 5 – 25-10-’20
Lesson 6 – 15-11-’20
Lesson 7 – 29-11-’20
Lesson 8 – 06-12-’20
Lesson 9 – 13-12-’20
Lesson 10 – 20-12-’20
Lesson 11 – 10-01-’21
Lesson 12 – 24-01-’21
Lesson 13 – 31-01-’21 (Exam)
*Subject to changes


The school fee for the make-up program is € 2.390, – excluding materials. With us you can pay the school fees in installments. You always pay the first installment directly online during registration (iDEAL or Creditcard payment possible). We will than send a payment link every month by e-mail for the next installment. The number of installments depends on the registration date. The sooner you register, the more installments are possible. See the table below for more information. Payment in installments is unfortunately not possible for the materials package.

Enrollment date Number of installments Monthly installment untill December 2020
February 10 € 239,00
March 10 € 239,00
April 9 € 265,56
May 8 € 298,75
June 7 € 341,43
July 6 € 398,33
August 5 € 478,00
September 4 € 597,50

Please contact us if you want to pay the remaining course fee in one go after the first term. For further questions about payments you can always contact us.


For the make-up you course you will have to take into account material costs from € 550, – if you yourself purchase materials from elsewhere on the basis of the list of materials that you receive from us. It is mostly dependent on the brands that you would like to use.

If you purchase a package through the school, the price is € 999,-.

The price of the package includes discounts that our students receive due to our good cooperation with the various professional makeup brands (among others MAC Cosmetics and NARS Cosmetics)


All our educational programs, master classes and courses are offered under the supervision of qualified, competent and expert subject teachers. Our teachers are real professionals from the beauty industry. We ensure that every student receives sufficient individual attention during the training programs. Every lesson is structured logically and the content is always carefully composed. The level of the lesson content is challenging and the students are challenged in a positive way during class to get the best out of themselves. Differentiated learning strategies are offered during the curriculum, thus meeting the different learning styles of each student. Dutch Beauty Academy not only focuses on ‘how’ certain hairstyling techniques should be applied, but also on ‘why’ a particular technique is applied.

Total price: € 2.390,-


Start date April 2021

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