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Do you want to become a professional make-up artist? With us you will receive the best and most versatile make-up training in the Netherlands! With our diploma in your pocket you are an independent, professional and versatile make-up artist who can take on any make up job. We offer a range of comprehensive makeup courses designed to unleash your full potential. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or aspiring professional, our academy is the perfect place to start your make up journey.

Our courses

The Ultimate Make Up Essentials
Lay the foundation of your makeup journey with essential techniques and skills.
Bridal Beauty Mastery
Unlock the secrets to creating stunning bridal looks that capture the essence of love and joy.
Fashion Forward Artistry
Explore the art of avant-garde makeup, pushing the boundaries of creativity and style.
The complete Make Up Experience
A unique blend of bridal charm and high-fashion flair, crafting awe-inspiring looks for any occasion.

Why Choose Us

In essence, at Dutch Beauty Academy, we invest in your future. We’re here to support and guide you on your journey to makeup excellence. Choose us and let your creativity shine!

More Information

For an in-depth look at each course and all the details you need, click on the images below or above for more comprehensive information about each course.

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Total price: € 1950 - 3400


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