Dutch Beauty Academy is a recognized educational institution with a wide range of courses, master classes and training programs in the field of make-up and hairstyling. The renewed make-up and hairstyling courses are unique in the Netherlands because of the carefully composed lesson content. Within a few months you will be able to develop into a professional, qualified and versatile Make-Up Artist or Hair stylist. If you wish to specialize further after a course, that is possible as well at Dutch Beauty Academy, by following one of our specialized master classes given by international celebrity Make-Up Artists. At Dutch Beauty Academy, we raise beauty education to a higher level.

Dutch Beauty Academy is an innovative academy with many new aspects and is a pioneer in the field of beauty education. For example, we were the first in the Netherlands to introduce Arabic make-up in a regular range of classes. Many beauty schools have followed by our example. We also work – as the first beauty academy in the Netherlands – with a digital touchscreen whiteboard (IWB) to support the instructions. Our teachers are constantly trained in the latest techniques in the field of make-up and hairstyling. And our creative director follows classes worldwide with, among others, Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian), Ariel Tejada (Kylie Jenner), the king of contouring Samer Khouzami and stays up-to-date. Our lessons always include the latest trends and techniques.

All our educational programs, master classes and courses are offered under the supervision of qualified, competent and expert subject teachers. Dutch Beauty Academy not only focuses on 'how' certain make-up and hair styling techniques should be applied, but also on 'why' a particular technique is applied. In addition to the curriculum we also offer practical guidance (for portfolio, internship, job) during and after our educational programs. This gives every student the opportunity to participate in photo shoots, video productions and all sorts of other projects in order to gain practical experience.

Dutch Beauty Academy is internationally recommended in the prestigious education guide of the Vogue (Vogue Education Guide – June, July, August and September 2017), in which only the best educational programs, master classes and courses in the field of beauty are included. Dutch Beauty Academy is also mentioned in the Glamor UK (Nov. 2017) because of our excellent quality and innovation in the field of beauty education. Dutch Beauty Academy is also known from TV, among others, SBS6 and RTL4.

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